About Rasaya factory

Taravat Sanat Tanya Tadbir company, under the brand name Rasaya, started its activity in 2016 in producing and packaging all kinds of frozen Pre-cut Greens with a quick-freezing method. Rasaya company is geographically located in the Zagros Mountains in Iran. This region’s mountainous climate makes all agricultural products of very high quality, and the company’s quick access to these products ultimately enables the company to produce high-quality products.

About Us

Company Goals

Currently, in addition to the production of frozen Pre-cut Greens, Rasaya company is professionally active in olive and pickle production, and all the products of this company are marketed for store and restaurant use. In addition to using modern technologies, Rasaya company has designed processing machines suitable for its products.

Products and quality control

Rasaya company is geographically located in the Zagros Mountain in Iran; this region has high-quality agricultural products. The Rasaya factory uses high-quality Greens, cucumbers, and olives to prepare its products because it is easier to access quality agricultural products in these areas.