Buying all kinds of vegetables from Rasaya

Vegetables are very important for health because of their high properties and benefits. Most Vegetable is low in calories, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Properties such as fighting inflammation or reducing the risk of contracting a series of diseases are more common in some types of vegetables than others. Only a bunch of fruits such as bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, pumpkins, etc. are included in this family that are not sweet. The fiber in this product helps in better digestion of food.

Benefits and properties of vegetables

Digestive health

Vegetabl are one of the most important ingredients in meals, which are very important for the health of the body, especially the digestive system. Aromatic or essential plants such as basil, mint, etc. have 4 anti-flatulence, pain, spasm, and germ properties, and apart from the properties of each of them, they also have their own characteristics.

lowering blood pressure

Excessive absorption of sodium by the body causes high blood pressure, and fresh vegetables have very low sodium compared to frozen or canned vegetables. Plants such as celery and rhubarb reduce blood pressure due to their high potassium content

Having beautiful skin

Keeping the skin fresh is another benefit of using vegetables. High consumption of this product keeps the skin tissue of the face and body healthy and alive and has an effect in reducing wrinkles to some extent. As a result, to have a smooth skin, try to use these products in your diet from a young age

Cholesterol reduction

Currently, most people, especially the elderly, have high blood cholesterol due to the consumption of fatty and oily foods. Cholesterol can be very dangerous and deadly after a while because it causes deposits in the veins and prevents the proper functioning of the heart. Finally, blood cholesterol can cause dangerous heart diseases. Leek is one of the vegetables that has a significant effect in reducing blood cholesterol because it can help eliminate toxins from the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Increasing memory

It may seem that memory is important only for students, but we must not forget that human memory can be lost with the passage of time and age and cause Alzheimer’s. In order to prevent memory loss, try to eat fresh vegetables continuously in your diet from adolescence and youth. Fresh vegetables have antioxidant properties that improve memory function.

All kinds of vegetable

GHorma Sabzi

In the preparation of Sabzi Gorma, observing the proportion of different types of vegetables used has a great effect on its taste and aroma. The details of this product include leek, parsley, coriander, fenugreek and spinach. Of course, it is worth mentioning that in some regions, in addition to the mentioned items, local plants of the same region are also used to prepare it.

chopped vegetable

Currently, with the lack of time and increasing worries and preoccupations, preparing food for people is a difficult and time-consuming task. This is where people are looking for convenience as well as high speed in cooking, for example, many popular Iranian dishes require chopped vegetable to make. Therefore, many factories, such as Rasaya, have prepared and produced chopped vegetables considering the needs of consumers, and then sell them to the market

chopped vegetable

green vegetables

Ash vegetable

Ash Reshte is one of the most delicious and popular traditional Iranian dishes, which are prepared for various occasions, including Ramadan, Nazri, etc. using vegetable in it not only adds a lot of vitamins and nutrients to the dish, but also gives it a unique taste and glaze. This product does not need to be fried and can be used easily

Ash vegetable

coco vegetable

This Rasaya product includes coriander, basil, tarragon, leek, parsley and dill, which is the most complete type of cocoyam vegetable available in the market. Of course, in some cases, people remove one or more of its plants according to their taste and needs.

The price of vegetable

There are various factors such as production cost, storage and maintenance, human rights, etc. to determine the price of this product, and with the increase of these costs, the final price of the manufactured product will also increase. Currently, due to the increase in the inflation rate, the price of many food items, including vegetables and summer foods, has increased in the market.

Buying vegetables from Rasaya

With mechanized devices and machines, Rasaya produces have the best and highest quality products. Restaurants, grocery stores, and distribution companies can purchase the vegetables they need from Rasaya at the best and most appropriate price.