Olive is one of the most popular and useful foods in the world, which has 20 different varieties. This fruit tree is evergreen and has a long life. Due to its many properties and benefits, olives are recommended to be included in the diet. This useful food is rarely consumed raw due to its bitterness. Oil is obtained from this fruit, which has many uses for food and medicine.

High quality types of olive

high quality types of olive


Zaitoon Parvarde is one of the most delicious authentic Iranian seasonings, whose origin goes back to the north of the country. This seasoning is made from a mixture of olives, walnuts, pomegranate paste, garlic, and spices, which is very nourishing and energizing.


Salted olives are one of the most delicious seasonings that can be served with many dishes. This fruit has a special bitter taste that is not compatible with the taste of many people. One of the ways to get its bitterness is natural salting, which is very common in Tarem city. Microscopically, this method does not pose any health problems

Olives without seed

For many people, it is very pleasant and desirable to buy pitted olives. It is easier for children and elderly people to eat it. It can be used as a ring to decorate all kinds of salads and pizzas.

The benefits of olives

The benefits of olives

Weight Loss

The healthy and unsaturated fats in this fruit can help you lose weight. Its consumption can break down the fat inside the fat cells, reduce fat around the abdomen and reduce insulin sensitivity. Research has shown that eating just 10 olives before a meal can reduce appetite by 20%. The fats in it slow down the digestion of food and stimulate the production of chemicals in the body, which causes the brain to send the message of satiety to the body.

Ensuring skin health

It is an excellent source of vitamin E, which helps cell function, skin health, and the immune system. Vitamin E presents in this fruit protects the skin against ultraviolet rays and also prevents premature aging of the skin.

Digestive health

Frequent consumption of olives prevents colon cancer due to the presence of vitamin E and unsaturated fats. One cup of this fruit contains 17% of the recommended daily intake of fiber, which helps maintain the health of the digestive system and prevent constipation.

Pain reduction

Since ancient times, this fruit has been used to prepare painkillers, and according to reliable evidence, this product can be used to relieve pain such as headaches. Olives contain compounds called Oleocanthal, which is an inflammatory agent and has the same effect as Ibuprofen on the body.

Prevention of diabetes

Research shows that consuming olive oil helps regulate the body’s glucose (sugar) and this prevents type 2 diabetes. Because uncontrolled glucose can lead to type 2 diabetes in the body and consumption of this fruit and its oil helps regulate body sugar.

Olive processing

Since this fruit is very bitter, it is not usually eaten fresh. Instead, they are slightly tempered and fermented. During this process, bitter compounds such as Oleocanthal, which are present in the highest amount in unripe olives, are destroyed. The lowest amount of bitter compounds can be seen in fully ripe planet olives. However, there are some varieties of this characteristic fruit that do not need to be processed and can be consumed if they are fully ripe. Depending on the method used, the processing of this fruit can last from several days to several months. The processing methods of this fruit often rely on local traditions and methods that affect the taste, color and texture of the fruit.

Buying olives from Rasaya

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