The most delicious vegetables of GHorme Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghorme Sabzi

We can confidently introduce GHormeh Sabzi as the most popular Iranian dishes. This traditional and authentic Iranian food has many fans in Iran and even other countries and it is served with Iranian white rice. There are many things involved in its cooking and preparation, such as the placement of the food, the right proportions of meat and beans, and the use of special spices. In addition to the mentioned items, the vegetables we use are also very important and have a direct role in the taste and color of this wonderful dish. In this article, we will briefly introduce the Ghorme Sabzi vegetable and help you use the right amount of them in preparing Ghormeh Sabzi vegetable.

What are the vegetables of GHorme Sabzi?

Iranian coders and cooks mix several different types of Ghorme Sabzi vegetables in certain proportions, fry them and add them to meat and beans to prepare an amazing concoction like Ghorme Sabzi. What are the Ghorme Sabzi vegetables ? Is this your question too?
Spinach, parsley, leek and coriander are used in the preparation of Ghorme Sabzi vegetable. In some Iranian cities, women add some fenugreek to these vegetables. Each of these vegetables has different taste and properties, which we will discuss in the rest of this article.

What are the vegetables of GHorme Sabzi | GHormeh Sabzi | GHorma Sabzi

ghorme sabzi

Coriander greens

Coriander is extremely similar to parsley, however its leaves are more fragile and pale than parsley’s. This vegetable has a cold and dry nature and is useful for appetite, relieving bile and relieving stomach inflammation. Coriander is also a strong and very effective antiviral that has antimicrobial properties.


This type of vegetable is similar to chives, except that its taste is more balanced. The nature of leek is warm and dry (bilious). Leek is a mouth freshener, helps digestion and is useful for constipation. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as iron.


Parsley is a popular and widely used vegetable. It is a source of vitamins such as K, C, and A, and contains the antioxidant lutein, which helps relieve stress. Parsley vegetable helps to relieve cold and spleen blockage, strengthens the stomach and liver, and cleanses the bladder. This vegetable is hot and dry like coriander.

fenugreek vegetable

Fenugreek has small leaves and a thick stem. Fenugreek is one of the most nutritious vegetables. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium. It helps to strengthen the sexual powers and strengthen the lungs, and it is effective in expelling phlegm and excrement. Fenugreek also has a hot and dry (bilious) nature.


Spinach has a cold and moist nature, as a vegetable, it is rich in minerals and vitamins and is very useful for health. Among its properties are rapid weight loss, thirst quenching and inflammation quenching. Spinach has also been effective in treating diabetes.

The amount and proportion of Ghormeh Sabzi vegetables in different cities

In each of the cities of Iran, depending on the taste of the people, different proportions are considered for Ghorma Sabzi vegetables. In the following, you can see the ratio of Ghorme Sabzi vegetables in several cities of Iran:
Chenille 200 grams
The rest of the vegetables are 500 grams each
This amount of vegetables is enough for 10 people

Leek 500 grams
Parsley 500 grams
Fenugreek 100 grams

Fars and Khuzestan
Leek and parsley 400 each
Coriander and spinach 200 grams each
dill and fenugreek 100 grams each

The amount and proportion of Ghormeh Sabzi vegetables in different cities | GHorme Sabzi | GHormeh Sabzi | GHorma Sabzi

The amount of vegetables for each person

Determining the amount of vegetables in the stew may seem like a simple task for everyone. Many Iranian cooks are very professional in this matter and can even visually determine the right amount of vegetables for each person. Consider that raw vegetables weigh twice as much as cooked or fried vegetables. Follow the formula below to add vegetables per person:

Cooked vegetables, 200 grams per person
Raw vegetables, 100 grams per person
which is equivalent to a full cup of chopped vegetables.
For larger quantities, double or multiply the amount of vegetables.

The amount of vegetables for each person | GHorme Sabzi | GHormeh Sabzi

Steps and how to prepare Ghorme Sabzi vegetable

As we know, we must wash the vegetables with water in the first step. Pay attention, we have to completely separate the mud and vegetables at this stage. After the vegetables drained, spread them on a clean white cloth and let them dry. Do not allow the vegetables to blanch. Then chop the vegetables as finely as possible. You can use household choppers or kitchen cleavers. At this stage, fry the vegetables and after the water is drained, add oil until they are fried. The required time of frying or cooking vegetables depends on the taste of you and your family. Now your vegetables are ready. You can pack the required amount for each meal separately and keep it in the freezer. Enjoy your meal
Steps and how to prepare Ghorme Sabzi vegetable

Buying vegetables for Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi is an original and traditional food and, of course, very delicious, which satisfies the taste of millions of Iranians inside and outside of Iran, but it is a laborious food and its preparation requires a lot of time and skill and cleaning and frying it, is time consuming. In addition, you should separate a certain amount of each type of vegetable so that the taste and color of the stew is balanced and pleasant. At the Rasaya factory, we have solved this problem so that you can only enjoy your delicious GHorme Sabzi and doesn’t need to be worry about anything else.
Ask our group for the best and tastiest green vegetables. Our vegetable stews with the correct proportions and following the hygiene principles in the cleaning and washing stages present an attractive and different stew to your tables.
Ghormeh Sabzi vegetable of Rasaya is ready to be supplied to you in stylish and hygienic packages and with different amounts from small, to medium and large. To buy different and unique GHorme Sabzi, you can call the following phone numbers.

Buying vegetables for Ghormeh Sabzi

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