Pickled Cucumbers

Pickles cucumber are one of the products that have been popular among Iranians for a long time and are an integral part of all kinds of sandwiches. Of course, it is not only used in sandwiches, but it is also eaten as a side dish. Most people make it with big cucumbers, which are not very interesting and tasty, but Rasaya factory prepares it with small and fresh cucumbers. This is a very healthy and wonderful food that is rich in nutrients, low in calories, and an excellent source of food for The beneficial bacteria of the stomach. Pickled cucumber can satisfy hunger due to its low calorie content and high water content
pickled cucumbers

Production of pickled cucumbers in Rasaya factory

In addition to meeting health issues, standards are followed in the Resay factory for the production of pickled cucumbers, which also pay special attention to the taste of the consumers of this product. In the process of production and maintenance of this product in Resay, modern and advanced machines are used.
From the stages of washing cucumber to its final stages such as pasteurization and packaging, etc., it all requires professional and modern equipment and machinery to produce a first-class product at a standard level, which is done in the Rasaya factory using the most modern equipment which produces and markets the best quality pickled cucumbers in different packages.

Types of pickle cucumbers available in the market


Premium pickled cucumbers have larger sizes than Nol. This type of salt is widely used in sandwich shops due to its low price.

Nol pickled cucumber

Like other pickled cucumbers, Nol is produced in various industrial types and they are marketed in different packages in different weights. Nol type can be placed among the types of delicious and crispy pickles that are produced and packaged in industrial forms. This type is prepared and produced in different ways and has a pleasant taste. Nol is one of the best-selling pickled cucumbers in the market, which has a lower price than the special and super special types due to its larger size.

Special pickled cucumber

Special pickled cucumbers are one of the types of salty foods that are prepared using small cucumbers in the size of 3 knuckles. The difference between this type and the super special and premium types is only in the size of the cucumbers used. The special type is very famous and popular because of its natural fiber, and this feature can show its valuable place in the diet.

Special pickled cucumber

pickled cucumber benefits

Vacuum pickled cucumber

Vacuum packaging for pickles is the most widely used type of packaging that can be seen in most grocery stores. This type of packaging is cheaper than glass and disposable packaging.

super special

To prepare this type, they use very small cucumbers, the size of two knuckles. Super Special Pickled Cucumber is very crispy and delicious, which is also used to decorate and garnish food.

Benefits of buying pickles from Rasaya

  •  A safe purchase from a reputable and reliable manufacturer
  •  Unique quality
  •  Fast and timely delivery
  •  Having Sib Salamat badge and all standards
  •  Having different types of packaging sizes depending on the needs of the consumer
Benefits of buying pickles from Rasaya

Types of pickled cucumber packaging in Rasaya

Pickled cucumber snack (vacuum envelope)

Pickles in vacuum bags have a longer shelf life and are very affordable for grocery stores because all the air in them is removed by using vacuum devices.

Aleppo pickled cucumber

Packing pickled cucumbers in the form of Aleppo is very suitable for restaurants and dining halls due to its high volume.

Debe pickled cucumber

Normally, sandwich shops use a lot of pickles in Daba packaging due to its high volume.

The superiority of Rasaya pickles compared to the homemade type

The superiority of Rasaya pickles compared to the homemade type
In the Rasaya factory, using advanced devices and equipment, the best and highest quality cucumbers are used to prepare pickled cucumbers in different packages for stores, restaurants, etc. In the preparation of homemade pickles, the possibility of spoilage is very high, while in the preparation of the industrial type, because they use pasteurized equipment, this possibility is minimized.