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Types of Rasaya pickled cucumber packaging

Pickles are one of the most popular pickles that we often see in Iranian tables. Our factory has special steps to prepare this sour and salty product. In this article, we discuss the types of its packaging. Pickled cucumber packaging is very important. Because the packaging must effectively protect the content inside, which is pickled cucumber, prevent it from spilling, and also prevent air, light, and germs from entering it. It is necessary that this packaging, in addition to complying with health principles, is also practical during transportation, distribution and sale. Another point that should be noted is that plastic or nylon packaging in its various forms harms the environment and it is necessary to minimize the use of these types of materials. In this article, we introduce the types of pickled cucumber packaging in Rasaya company.
Pickled cucumber packaging

Types of pickled cucumber packaging

Maybe you have prepared this type of pickles that are available in plastic bags without air in the market. For hygienic packaging of pickled cucumbers, the production line devices put them in a plastic bag and remove the air completely so that the cucumbers are kept in a vacuum. If you use this packing method at home, you can use a vacuum to empty the air in the pickled cucumber packaging.

pickled cucumber packaging

Aleppo pickled cucumber

This type of packaging is more suitable for consumption by large households. The packaging of Aleppo pickles is available in large and medium packages of 16 kilos. It is one of the premium varieties of pickled cucumber and is available in the market with the lowest price under the brand name Rasaya. These Aleppo cans are completely hygienic and pressed with a machine, and we have designed easy-to-open strong doors for them.
Aleppo pickled cucumber

Debe pickled cucumber

Rasaya factory pickles are available in 7 kg and 10 kg containers. These pots are produced with the ability to withstand cold and heat and are made of high-quality plastic. Also, the machines of the production line covered the product with aluminum coating. This cover helps prevent the special liquid inside the pot from leaking out, prevents germs and air from entering inside, and protects the product as well.

Glass pickled cucumber

Glass is the best option for keeping pickles. In addition to visual beauty and preserving the taste and color of pickled cucumbers, glass packaging also preserves the health of the product. In metal and plastic containers, vinegar reacts with the walls of these containers and causes harmful chemicals to enter the contents of the container. This type of pickled cucumber packaging is also available in different volumes and small, medium and large sizes and is one of the premium types of pickled cucumbers.
Glass pickled cucumber

The price difference is based on the pickled cucumber packaging

It is clear that part of the price we charge for pickled cucumbers in the market is for its different packaging and the materials used to preserve the product and its health. This issue causes the difference in the price of pickled cucumbers with different packages. Glass pickles are more expensive than Aleppo varieties, and tin pickles are more expensive than canned varieties. The reason for this price difference is clear.

Health tips in buying pickled cucumber packaging

To prepare healthy pickled cucumbers, you must wash and clean the cucumbers, use healthy salt and store them in healthy containers. Dear readers, pay attention to the following points in order to buy healthy pickled cucumber packaging:

  • Prefer glass pickles to other types
  • inflated or soft pickles are rotten; Do not consume them
  • You should pay attention to the production date and expiration date on the packaging
  • The presence of mold on pickled cucumbers is not normal and changes its taste
  • If you buy vacuum pickled cucumbers, pay attention to the absence of holes in the packaging
  • Any change in the color or taste of the pickled cucumber indicates that it is spoiled or weathered; Avoid using the product
  • The puffiness of pickled cucumber and its lack of crispiness also indicate that air has entered the package
  • The pickled cucumber must be covered by the machine with an aluminum cover
  • You should also consider the nutritional value of the dishes. Second and third degree spots, for example, are unsuitable; avoid purchasing them.
  • It is better not to buy 60 or 70 kg pickled cucumbers

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