Zeytoon Parvardeh and all its benefits

Processed Olive
Processed Olive is a delicious and popular seasoning in the northern region of Iran. Iranians prepare this type of Processed Olive by adding walnuts, pomegranate paste and some other seasonings to olives. Its origin goes back to the Gilan city. It is interesting to know that Iranians have also registered this type of seasoning.

Properties and benefits of Zeytoon Parvardeh

The properties of Zeytoon Parvardeh are many and this delicious seasoning is rich in useful fat, which reduces the accumulation of fat in the veins. Its benefits for the human body are countless. We mention some of them:
  • Blood pressure control
  • Help with heart health
  • Cancer prevention
  • skin beauty
  • Weight Loss
  • It Improves the function of
  • the digestive system
  • It Decreases blood sugar
  • It Helps eye health
In the following, we describe some of the therapeutic properties of this delicious seasoning.
Properties and benefits of Zaitoon Parvarde

Properties of Zeytoon Parvardeh

Cardiovascular health

Zeitoon Parvardeh and olive oil have many properties, but the raw type of olives is only for industrial use. According to research, green and black olives are very useful for heart health and improving its performance. Minerals such as iron, copper, calcium and sodium are present in olives, which help increase blood supply and general heart health. Also, vitamin E in olives and its derivatives, which have strong antioxidants, helps in the general health of the heart. other benefit of this product is improving blood pressure and adjusting blood control.

Cardiovascular health

Cancer prevention

The latest research in the field of cancer promises good news for cancer patients. According to reports, there are components called Oleocanthal in olive oil, which has a direct and effective effect on destroying cancer cells and is even effective in treating Alzheimer’s, which means that cancer patients no longer need to endure the suffering of chemotherapy. Also, consuming other types of olive derivatives such as Zeytoon Parvardeh and having a healthy and organic diet is effective in preventing cancer.

Skin health and vitality

Olive consumption helps to make the skin fresh and bright. Properties in this fruit: They nourish the skin. Like a sunscreen, they protect the skin from the sun and ultraviolet rays. By massaging olive oil on the skin, help refresh the skin or remove stretch marks, especially during pregnancy Warning: using olive oil cannot replace sunscreen

Weight loss with Zeytoon Parvardeh

Don’t you have time to exercise? Are you looking for a healthy snack to add to your diet? Eat olives and stay thin!

This fruit works wonders for weight loss. Its calorie content is 5 kilocalories per large green olive. It is not believable. Serotonin in olives is effective in reducing appetite by sending the message of satiety to the brain. Olive even prevents the absorption of glucose. You can easily use it as a snack to stay fit and healthy.

Weight loss with Zaitoon Parvarde

The benefits of Processed Olive for the digestive system

Nutrition experts have named this seasoning as an astringent; It means that it helps digestion and absorption of food. It has also been useful for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Doctors have found cultivated olives to be effective in solving the problem of constipation. Because having a warm and mild nature, it helps to rebuild the intestines. To treat constipation with olive oil, eat a spoonful of it before breakfast.

pain relief

Olive contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that acts as a natural pain reliever in the body. Olive oil contains Oleocanthal, which is a substance with anti-inflammatory properties. This substance has a function similar to the properties of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Decreased blood sugar

According to research, regular consumption of olives can reduce blood sugar levels. On the other hand, this seasoning with pomegranate seeds and pomegranate paste stimulates the Insulin glands and lowers blood sugar. People with high blood sugar problems are advised to consume olives and its products in moderation in their meals.

What is the best way to preserve Processed Olive?

Cultivated olives are made from seasonings such as walnuts, pomegranate paste, etc., which spoil very quickly. In its industrial type, it has many preservatives that change its taste and color. For long-term storage of home-grown olives, pay attention to the following points:

1. To make this product, first wash the olives and then remove the seed. Observing this arrangement is effective for prolonging its shelf life.
2. Store the Processed Olive in a glass container and in the refrigerator.
3. Cover the top surface of this seasoning with olive oil.
4. In general, we recommend you to keep it at a lower temperature in the refrigerator.

What is the best way to preserve Zaitoon Parvarde

zeytoon parvardeh

Nutritional value of Processed Olive

The properties of Zeytoon Parvardeh are very high and its calories are very low. In this delicious seasoning, which has other additives such as olive oil, pomegranate paste, and walnuts, there are many useful fats that help the health of the heart and veins and increase its nutritional value. On average, each hundred grams of olives has 115 to 145 calories. 75-80% of olives are water, 11-15% fat and 4-6% carbohydrates. Olives have a small amount of protein and 3.2 grams of fiber per hundred grams of olives.

Nutritional value of Processed Olive

Is Zeytoon Parvardeh good for the stomach?

We have no doubt about the numerous properties of cultivated olives, and we have already talked about its properties for the skin and heart. But is it also good for the stomach? Do not doubt! Processed Olive is effective for the treatment of stomach ulcers and gastritis and also reduces the risk of gallstone formation. It helps to clean the stomach and reduces its inflammation.

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